Lost in Paradise

Dear all friends and bride groom to be,

Thank you for visiting this page, over than 7 years me and my wife, Nina, serve destination photography for wedding, pre wedding, portrait in several countries to our client who came across the continent and celebrate their happiness with us. So true, it is honor for us to capture their beautiful moment that only held once in their life. Right now I’m super excited to share with you about our Lost in Paradise Journey which is become our breakthrough package that provide services through our client in various destination.

See Bima’s Signature in Lux* And Angsana Velavaru Maldives Here !

 maldives photography by bima adhitya


Now, we start to launch 2016 Lost in Paradise schedule which every couple can join next year, and now we offer various extraordinary destinations such as:

Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea, Japan, Bali, Lombok, Beijing, Turkey, Paris, Venice, Tuscany, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Maldives

Lost in Paradise,

“2 Unforgettable Days with Full of Photography and Make Up Signature by Bima and Nina”

That was a dream that we create for lovely couple, bride-groom to be, or anybody who want to get lost with their soulmate in a paradise of the world. Being together in one beautiful place with no one surround and enjoy day by day just two of you is an incredible thing that you have to try. Here you can also combine the pre wedding and wedding into 1 bundling package, or whenever you think the place that you visit is huge enough to explore like in Europe or USA, than we can make it for you.

Trust me you will love it!!!

God made the landscape, fresh air, and a lot of beautiful stars at night are just for both of you, no matter who you are and no matter where you come from. I’m not going to tell you that go to the paradise is a simple thing, truly it needs a hard work, determination, and passion for sure. Here we invite you to have a life pleasure by enjoying how beautiful the world is for your portrait, pre wedding, and wedding with outstanding photography technique and passion, including the professional make up and hair do services.

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Lost in Paradise Package

“It’s all in 1 Price!!”

We can say having the Lost n Paradise in your wedding preparation is the right thing that you can made. We know simplicity is one the important thing that people love to had, because here you don’t need to think about add a make up and hair do service or arrange the air ticket and accommodation for me and Nina since everything is ALREADY INCLUDE,

“You Pay Once Than You Got Everything Inside”

You may see the detail on this photo (click to see it in bigger size) and whenever you need to talk and want to know more in detail, just drop us an email to photobima@gmail.com and we more than happy to discuss with you

2016 pre wedding schedule & package