Bima Adhitya is a founder and principal photographer in Bima Adhitya Photography, he was born in Jakarta and grow up in a cultural and art city named Yogyakarta. When he was 14, Bima learn a classical guitar that influence him to know art deeply than during his study in University he just falling in love with photography.  His first manual camera that teach him how to shoot is the Nikon FM10

Graduation from Architecture University in an “A” result and invited as an engineer in Singapore and Malaysia doesn’t change his dream to be a world class professional wedding photographer.

During his career in photography, Bima has been invited as a guest speaker among other 30 Asia-Pasific photographer in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival at Mid Valley) to share his experiences in serving worldwide couple who came across continent such as Singapore, Australia, Italy, Germany, Philippines, and Hong Kong.

Focusing in Wedding and Pre Wedding photography over than 7 years and after few times going to Bali, Maldives, Hong Kong and Singapore in 2014, this year Bima will travel to some new places such as Edinburgh, Brentford, Manchester, Kuala Lumpur, London, Dublin, and Birmingham to shoot wedding and pre wedding for all couple in the world with his new shooting and photoshop editing skills.

Till now, Bima works together with his wife, Nina who become the Queen of Bima Adhitya Photography in studio but also become Bima’s assistant and make up artist during the photo session